The story of a pan





One evening, following a busy baking session in the kitchen. I was left thinking about all the tools and gadgets available and how I always still reach for the same old pan when making ginger pokey.

Originally part of a set of three, and purchased by my mother in the early 60’s, the pans were still unused before being shipped to Canada when my parents decided to emigrate.

However, after being boxed and shipped across the Atlantic along with other belongings, the pans for some strange reason mysteriously disappeared without trace.

After several years, my parents decided to return home to the UK for family reasons. On the day of their departure guess what arrived on their doorstep?…yes, the box of pans! Needless to say, they made the safe journey back to Stockon-on-Tees with my parents and were employed in my mother’s kitchen throughout my childhood.

Although the other two pans and their lids have long since disappeared, today this sliver old pan still takes pride of place amongst all my kitchen utensils. I would give up all my Le Creuset pans before parting with this old friend.

So next time you enjoy a bag of pokey, spare a thought for how every single bag of pokey is still made my favorite humble pan which carries such a colorful history.


Auckland Castle-Christmas Market



Ginger business is hotting up for the Gingerbread Mam this Christmas. From Friday 21st of November – Sunday 23rd of November Auckland Castle will be hosting their first ever Christmas. The market will feature a range of local food and drink including specialist foods and confectionary to handcrafted jewellery and gifts. Plus, it’s also an ideal opportunity to purchase some wonderful home-made Christmas ginger gifts, including; our extra hot ginger wine, ginger baking kits, ginger milk rice pudding, ginger syrup, not forgetting our very own home sticky ginger syrup sponge and pokey.

The market will be open from 3-7pm on Friday the 21st and 10-4pm on the 22/23rd. For more information, please follow the link below.

Apologies from the ginger team



Apologies to all those who tried contacting the Gingerbread Mam through the ViCita (that’s the orange pop-up box at the bottom left of the website). There appears to be a bug in the forwarding system, so I’m only just picking up emails. For the moment, and if in doubt please email  direct at : or call me 07968 195396 until the tech team (him indoors) fixes the problem. Also a special big thank you to my number 1 fan and little helper who travels with me to all  events and markets. What would I do without you.

Best TGBM x

New Gingerbread Mam foodie destinations

Taste of Teesdale A - (for Barnard Castle Farmers Market) - Raby








Is that November just around the corner?

It’s been such a busy week with new orders from more fabulous foodie destinations. Delighted to say Cross Lanes Organic Farm on the A66 near Barnard Castle, now stock both our home-made extra hot non-alcoholic ginger wine and also our ginger, milk rice puddings – perfect for autumnal comfort dinners.

The ginger range also made its way into Harrogate, now available at the very stylish Weetons delicatessens and the lovely Fodder farm shop and café with panaromic views across Crimple Valley.

Taste of Teesdale A - (for Barnard Castle Farmers Market) - Raby








We also made a trip to a very wet Northumberland this week visiting the Northumbria Hamper at Seahouses, a lovely gem of a shop that now stock our ginger wine and other goodies.

Don’t forget, if you’re in Fenwick York or Newcastle you can also purchase the Gingerbread Mam’s full home-made range including; wine, pokey, syrups, puddings, baking kits, badboy ginger beer, jerky, milk rice puddings and much more,

It’s back to the farmers’ markets this weekend at both Stokesley and Barnard Castle, were you’ll find everything to make the first week in November go with a bang. (sorry) x

Busy start to October

Taste of Teesdale A - (for Barnard Castle Farmers Market) - Raby



The Gingerbread Mam spent two lovely days at the Durham Extravaganza and Saltburn Farmers’ Market this week. Both events proved busy meeting lots of new and old customers. In Saltburn we were blessed with glorious blues skies and smiling faces. The ginger parkin went down a treat, so much so, I was left with no stock for Yarm on Sunday. (Sorry Yarm will make more next time). So it was back to baking this morning ready for the coming week. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.


Best wishes


Back to ginger business at Barnard Castle & Stokesley

It’s proved a very busy summer for The Gingerbread Mam and my little helpers. Following a lovely weekend spent at Alnwick Food Festival and the fabulous Festival of Thrift (with a staggering 40,000 visitors over the two-day event), we’re back this weekend spreading the ginger word at Stokesley and Barnard Castle Farmers’ Markets.

Our hencoop has also been busy with the arrival of two new faces, Amber and Pokey. They took a little settling into their new surroundings, but are now producing the goods with the richest orange yoked eggs. Free range and organic, they patrol the garden like guard dogs.  Friendly and docile following me around and happy to share the garden seat when it’s time for a cuppa.













One of our best sellers this summer has been our new range of ginger syrups. Rhubarb and raspberry flavor, they make the perfect accompaniments for porridge, coffee or as an extra zing in your prosecco. Also fast of the shelves are have been our sticky ginger sponge, ginger-rice puddings, pokey, not to mention our famous home-made ginger wine, ideal if you’re going sober this October, if not just add again to your prosecco.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Best wishes


Bishop Auckland Food Festival 26 & 27th April

Bishop-Auckland-Food-Festival-logoVery pleased to let you know we do have a stall at this year’s Bishop Auckland Food Festival, we’re stand 36 in the castle grounds. It’s always a hugely popular festival with many visitors from around the North East. The festival brings music, entertainment, kids corner, arts & crafts, cook demos, lots of fun activities and a whole lot of Artisan food producers bringing you some of the best handmade produce in the whole country!

We’ll be bringing lots of ginger wine, delicious ginger beer to pop open as you wonder around the castle grounds, ginger jerky to chew on, ginger pokey to nibble, fresh cream banoffee pies, limoncello & rhubarb & custard trifles, we’ll have tasters of our award winning ginger syrup sponge pudding with butterscotch sauce, extra hot ginger wine, & our ginger cinder toffee for you to try. Treat yourself to our milk rice puddings, ginger parkin, our new ginger syrup & rhubarb & ginger syrup perfect for adding to prosecco, ice cream, fruit, coffee or porridge!

We’re looking forward to a great weekend, see you there! :-)

Hot Cross Buns!

We love Easter in our house, all those lovely chocolate eggs sitting on the mantle piece waiting to be demolished on the big Easter Sunday! My sister and I used to love getting up early and breaking into every single egg to get to the smarties & buttons hidden in the middle, eating chocolate all morning and melting it down on the afternoon to make cornflake and crispie cakes for the family for Sunday teatime treats.

Now I’m older I like the idea of making Hot Cross Buns, so decided to give it a go for the first time a couple of weeks ago, kneading the dough, letting it rise, and a second rise, currants, mixed peel, ginger cinnamon and nutmeg, making the flour dough strips for the crosses and watching them rise in the oven. To give my hot cross buns a further ginger twist I’ve glazed them with my home made ginger syrup, leaving them sticky and gooey and licky your fingery!!! Oo lovely!

You’ll be able to try my Hot Cross Buns at this weekends markets!
Saturday – Saltburn & Hartlepool
Sunday – Yarm & Ropner Park Stocktonhot cross buns glazed

New website

It’s taken a while but my new website is finally up and running. I’m still busy trying to upload data from the old site, but meanwhile, enjoy your visit.