The Ginger Journey & GSK Glaxo Retired Staff

This week I spent a delightful afternoon with the lovely retired ladies (and a few gents) of Glaxo Barnard Castle. I was invited along to their regular monthly meetup at the Glaxo Sports & Social Club in Barnard Castle. Despite it being almost the end of April I arrived with  a snow storm! Literally! However I soon warmed things up offering everyone a glass of my delicious non alcoholic ginger wine. As everyone listened to my ginger journey hearing about how these days I’m better known as The Gingerbread Mam they heard to tales of how food & drink havgsk pic 2 GSK glaxo pic 1e been influencing  & inspiring me since I was a little girl, spending time with both my Nanas enjoying great home cooking and having regular teas of tripe & bacon, fat & bread suppers, rabbit stew dinners, Stottie cake bacon sandwiches,  milk rice puddings, custard tarts, apple pies & firey mildly alcoholic ginger beer. Apart from a bit of nose turning at my tripe tea everyone had a splendid afternoon, tucking into hot tasters of my award winning ginger syrup sponge pudding in between munching on melt in the mouth cinder toffee. The grand finale was demonstrating how to make a ginger beer plant, which one of the lucky ladies took home with them and promised to feed daily for a week, and I promised  on the 7th day they’ll be supping 2 litres of gorgeous homemade mildly alcoholic ginger beer! Thank you Glaxo for inviting me along, I had a really uplifting afternoon with you all, I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

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