Barnard Castle and Stokesley Easter Farmers’ Markets and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

With Easter Weekend looming, I’m busy in the kitchen preparing for Barnard Castle and Stokesley Farmers’ Markets.



Both venues promise foodie delights for some classic Easter recipes. Although Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday, it’s our own sticky ginger sponge, which will be taking center stage over the long weekend following a main course of salmon fishcakes with a touch of ginger.

Speaking of Easter, three new ladies have recently joined the chicken run, including a Bantam by the name of Partridge, and yes… she does sit in our pear tree. So soon we hope to be self-sufficient using only our own, free-range organic eggs.

In addition to ginger’s digestion-friendly properties, and numerous other health benefits I can promise that all my ginger goodies are home-made, in my own kitchen, right here in the north east. So stock up your Easter larder this weekend and pay us a visit at Barnard Castle and Stokesley Farmers’ Markets.


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