The story of a pan





One evening, following a busy baking session in the kitchen. I was left thinking about all the tools and gadgets available and how I always still reach for the same old pan when making ginger pokey.

Originally part of a set of three, and purchased by my mother in the early 60’s, the pans were still unused before being shipped to Canada when my parents decided to emigrate.

However, after being boxed and shipped across the Atlantic along with other belongings, the pans for some strange reason mysteriously disappeared without trace.

After several years, my parents decided to return home to the UK for family reasons. On the day of their departure guess what arrived on their doorstep?…yes, the box of pans! Needless to say, they made the safe journey back to Stockon-on-Tees with my parents and were employed in my mother’s kitchen throughout my childhood.

Although the other two pans and their lids have long since disappeared, today this sliver old pan still takes pride of place amongst all my kitchen utensils. I would give up all my Le Creuset pans before parting with this old friend.

So next time you enjoy a bag of pokey, spare a thought for how every single bag of pokey is still made my favorite humble pan which carries such a colorful history.


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