Back to ginger business at Barnard Castle & Stokesley

It’s proved a very busy summer for The Gingerbread Mam and my little helpers. Following a lovely weekend spent at Alnwick Food Festival and the fabulous Festival of Thrift (with a staggering 40,000 visitors over the two-day event), we’re back this weekend spreading the ginger word at Stokesley and Barnard Castle Farmers’ Markets.

Our hencoop has also been busy with the arrival of two new faces, Amber and Pokey. They took a little settling into their new surroundings, but are now producing the goods with the richest orange yoked eggs. Free range and organic, they patrol the garden like guard dogs.  Friendly and docile following me around and happy to share the garden seat when it’s time for a cuppa.













One of our best sellers this summer has been our new range of ginger syrups. Rhubarb and raspberry flavor, they make the perfect accompaniments for porridge, coffee or as an extra zing in your prosecco. Also fast of the shelves are have been our sticky ginger sponge, ginger-rice puddings, pokey, not to mention our famous home-made ginger wine, ideal if you’re going sober this October, if not just add again to your prosecco.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Best wishes


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