Hot Cross Buns!

We love Easter in our house, all those lovely chocolate eggs sitting on the mantle piece waiting to be demolished on the big Easter Sunday! My sister and I used to love getting up early and breaking into every single egg to get to the smarties & buttons hidden in the middle, eating chocolate all morning and melting it down on the afternoon to make cornflake and crispie cakes for the family for Sunday teatime treats.

Now I’m older I like the idea of making Hot Cross Buns, so decided to give it a go for the first time a couple of weeks ago, kneading the dough, letting it rise, and a second rise, currants, mixed peel, ginger cinnamon and nutmeg, making the flour dough strips for the crosses and watching them rise in the oven. To give my hot cross buns a further ginger twist I’ve glazed them with my home made ginger syrup, leaving them sticky and gooey and licky your fingery!!! Oo lovely!

You’ll be able to try my Hot Cross Buns at this weekends markets!
Saturday – Saltburn & Hartlepool
Sunday – Yarm & Ropner Park Stocktonhot cross buns glazed

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